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Join  A Team at 3rd Rock Kids, Inc.

Become a Member for Only $13.75 a month 
(billed annually at $165.00)

Members receive:

* 3rd Rock Kids, Inc enrolls kids ages 6-13 years of age. Members do not meet weekly but rather membership enables them to sign up for any events they wish to attend throughout the year using our online calendar. Each month a calendar will be posted and all members will receive an email notifying them that sign ups for that month are available. 

* All team members receive a 3rd Rock Kids starter package (valued over $75). This starter package includes: a 3rd Rock Kids backpack, t-shirt with our logo, leather backpack nametag,  aluminum water bottle, field journal and pencil, token key chain and orange safety whistle.  Upon annual membership renewal, each member receives a coupon code for a free t-shirt, sweatshirt or can be used towards any of our online product. 

* Once enrolled, each team member gets access to our online calendar of events. The majority of these events are free to all 3rd Rock Kids team members. Some of the more expensive events will be offered at a discounted rate to members (we work hard to find alternative funding for events whenever possible so as to not burden families with extra costs).  Nonmembers and guests can attend limited activities by paying a nonmember fee.  Sign ups for each event will be available on our website and our Facebook page. 

* Free hiking adventures for members. Weekly hikes are scheduled throughout the year at area hiking trails. All members can sign up for free guided hikes with two Adult team leaders. Adult team leader will  provide nature lessons and activities according to what is happening in nature in the area on each hike. Members can sign up online or on Facebook for any hikes they wish to participate in.  All supplies necessary for the hikes and activities are provided by the 3rd Rock Kids program. 

* Access to special excursions. 3rd Rock Kids provides excursions with nature based lessons at local nature museums, sanctuaries, wildlife preserves, fish hatcheries, farms and more at no cost or at discounted cost to its member. These activities will be offered exclusively to members on a first come/first serve basis. Sign ups for each excursion will be available on our website and on Facebook. Spaces may be limited.

*Community Garden. 3rd Rock Kids members will have the opportunity to learn horticulture and gardening by participating in activities at our 3rd Rock Kids garden plot through the Chicopee Community Garden on Broadway Street in Chicopee.  All events and activities at the garden are free to members and will be posted on our monthly calendar for member sign-ups.

* Community stewardship. Members can sign up to participate in community activities that teach stewardship within the community. Within our monthly calendar we will offer opportunities for members to become involved in clean up projects, environmental projects, and conservation efforts in the area in which they live. 

* All team members receive a 10% discount on all products at our 3rd Rock Kids online store once the store is made available online.
Thanks for your interest in joining our program.