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Technology as a Bridge, Not a Barrier:
     We acknowledge our youth's allure of technology and leverage it as a tool for exploration, not isolation.  Through smartphones, apps, UBS digital microscopes, and more young adventurers document their discoveries, identify species, and build personalized nature journals. This tech-infused approach fosters observation, critical thinking, and a deeper understanding of their surroundings. 
Bringing Youth and Nature Together: Exploring the 3rd Rock Kids Program

     3rd Rock Kids tackles the growing issue of children's disconnect from nature, inspired by Richard Louv's concept of "Nature-deficit disorder," we aim to reconnect youth with the outdoors, promoting physical, cognitive, and emotional wellbeing. Our program recognizes the documented benefits of nature immersion, including reduced stress, anxiety, and obesity, while fostering curiosity and appreciation for the environment. 
Social Interaction and Leadership:
     Bridging the gap between food and its origins, our program partners with local farms. Youth engage in hands-on activities like milking cows, mushroom cultivation, testing soil conditions, participating in maple syrup productions, and planting, growing and harvesting food.  This immersion fosters understanding of sustainable practices, the natural composting process, and the detrimental effects of chemicals on the environment.  By witnessing the vital role of unseen organisms in soil health, young participants develop a sense of ecological responsibility and learn to care for their planet and themselves.  
     Our youth will then bring this knowledge into the kitchen.  In addition to learning about food science such as dehydration, fermentation, microbes in food and our gut microbiome, freezing and canning, we provide recipes for healthy meal planning and cooking. We explore the link between microorganisms in soil and those in our bodies. Kids learn how healthy, naturally grown food nourishes both ecosystems, promoting personal well-being and environmental awareness. 
Farm to Table Connection:
     3rd Rock Kids prioritizes safe, adult-supervised environments where youth can connect with peers who share their passion for nature and technology.  This fosters positive social interactions, collaboration, and teamwork.  Our multi-aged groups encourage older members to lead, while younger ones benefit from mentorship and role-models. 
    3rd Rock Kids connects youth with community initiatives focused on recycling, reusing and conservation. They will actively participate in community garden programs and contribute to positive environmental changes within their community. 

Combating Nature-Deficit Disorder
“ The wisest and noblest teacher is nature itself.” – Leonardo daVinci
Community Outreach: